Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Have been trying to learn Zbrush, Sculptris

I decided to spend time this week trying to learn how to make some new breast and muscle morphs.

I spent two days trying to learn zbrush.  Very powerful tool, and after a while it became clear to me that there's just a part of being successful with it that means having artistic skills .  Which I kind of lack.

Then decided to give Sculptris a try.  Easier interface than zbrush.  I'm mainly trying to create some new breast morphs.

I felt it was important to give this a try so that I could move beyond the stock breast and muscle morphs I often use.  But its slow going.  I think I'll have to timebox my learning efforts and definitely get back to cranking out content for the two sites this weekend.  Still was important to try to do this to increase my toolbox so to speak so that I can create some unique looking stuff .

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shy Body Sculptor BE/ButtEx Comic

I updated today with a brand new Breast Expansion / Butt Expansion comic named Shy Body Sculptor.  The basic idea for this story came from an email I got from one of the members of strong and stacked

He wanted to see a comic where there was a couple who fall in love, and which featured a shy girl who gained the power to grow her boobs and butt at will.  I took that basic idea and ran with it .  I get member requests from time to time, and I can't fill all of them. But this one seemed very doable and fun so I went ahead and gave it a try.

While working on it, I kept thinking that it was turning out fairly well, but that if only I had more time to spend I could make it a lot better. I get that feeling a lot. But the competing tension is that I have to update the site in at least a somewhat timely manner.  So I have to do what I can in a time boxed period . It was fun working on this comic though.  Maybe I'll do a sequel to it at some point

What I really want to do now is spend some time learning zbrush though.  There are two reasons I want to do that.  One is that I've always been so dependent on some of the morph packages for breasts that are out there, and I'd like to be able to sculpt my own breast morphs. I think zbrush may be the best way for me to do that

Secondly, I've always been in awe of Tigersan's muscle girls.  Again, I've been at the mercy of prepackaged muscle morphs, and I'd love to be able to do something even a fourth as good as Tigersan's custom muscle morphs. That way I could get some more variety into the look of the muscle girls that I make - they won't all look like they've come from stock muscle packages and so on

So I'll be trying to learn zbrush as I work on some of the next comics. The other thing I'd like to try is to get another renderer to work rather than the stock Daz Studio renderer. I bought one last year but am still fiddling with it to get it to look good. If I can get it figured out, I'll start using it in the stuff I create and hopefully it will look more realistic than ever.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finally updated BEGiantess today

I just posted a new comic to  It's the first update I've done to the site since October.  I should have been updating the site twice a month.  But it's been really hard to carve out enough time to do that.

I spent some time over the holiday break thinking over my plans for my websites.  And what I've decided is to continue working on them as best I can, with the knowledge that updates will come only at a pace I can sustain.

So there will be a slow but steady drum beat of updates to the sites. I'll try to entertain suggestions/requests as best I can.  I really enjoy working on the sites.  It's just that there are only so many hours in the day, and unfortunately I do have several other demands on my time (including a day job and other responsibilities).

So I'll continue to post updates here on my blog to give an indication of what I'm working on.  I also plan to spend some time trying to update my skills and the quality of material on my sites.  I've bought several items during holiday sales at and that I hope to incorporate into upcoming comics and animations. 

Tools such as different lighting sets and even zbrush software (if I could learn that I'd be able to do some muscle sculpting along the lines of what Tigersan does - of course nowhere near as good as he can do it, but at least I could make some custom muscle morphs that would be new and different from the ones I've used for many years !)

So I'll keep outputting material at a slow but steady pace, with hopefully the occasional update on my deviant art page.  I'll never let there be a lapse like there was from October until now for begiantess.  But I can't really promise to update every single week.  I just can't keep up a pace like that.  So I'll do what I can to keep the two sites going at a steady pace.