Thursday, May 30, 2013

BNB-ART.COM gone without a trace


 There are sites that appear and vanish.  Some that are around for a long time, but finally succumb. Others that still exist but simply cease to be updated.

I think about all this when I am working on my own sites.  Right now and are still afloat, and my current plan is to keep them both going for a long time.  But many other sites with similar or related themes have come and gone over the years

One site that had intrigued me with its possibilities was  I'm a sucker for the combination of big muscles and big boobs, and this site had that as its main theme.

Back in 2009 I got an email from the webmaster of asking me to participate in a banner exchange with him :
From: "" <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 8:49 PM
Subject: Banner Exchange Request

strong and stacked,

I'd like to exchange banners with your site. My site is which offers original breast and bicep morphs. I've 
already put your banner on my site on the entrance page below the 
enter/exit buttons. My banner link image is attached. Thank you.


When I saw the banner he had sent me, I got pretty excited .  Women with massive boobs and bulging biceps - awesome!  And I do enjoy clothed images - there's something about a woman stretching her top to the absolute limit that I find intriguing beyond belief

So I went ahead and linked to his site.  Not long afterward, the site vanished .  Looking around the web, there isn't much to show that it had ever existed.  A google search turned up the few images I'm showing here in this blog post and I have the original banner image the webmaster sent me, which I'm showing here too.

It's a shame that whatever had been on the site is just gone.  It seemed to me like the site had potential.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just Finished Muscle Avenger Issue 03, Giantess stuff up next

Over the memorial day weekend I ended up working on a muscle/FMG comic.  I'd wanted to do some giantess stuff, but it turned out I was all set up to work on Muscle Avenger Issue 003.  So I went ahead and did that.

The story arc for this series is that the Muscle Avenger makes her way to the evil Uberfrau, and I do intend for the two of them to have a muscle girl on muscle girl titanic showdown... but I wasn't able to advance the story that far yet.  Instead this issue focused on the Muscle Avenger having to contend with some other obstacles in her way

I'm going to shoot for the next installment being one where Muscle Avenger and Uberfrau meet .  But before I do that, I have to do some other things.

First up, I absolutely have to do a comic.  In the next couple days.  It's been too long since I updated that site and I am doing a gentle giantess comic for that site next.  So that's what I will work on starting tommorrow and hopefully have done in a couple days

After that, I need to get back to some BE material for, and I think what makes the most sense is to do a part 2 of the recent BE via breast implants comic that I posted a couple weeks back

Monday, May 20, 2013

Commissions Purchased BY Me For My Sites: Hard to do

 I've had a couple of requests from members of strongandstacked for me to commission artists for material to be put on to the website.  I'm not talking about people asking me to do commissions for them.  Rather I'm talking about people requesting that I commission third party artists to create material for Strong and Stacked

Now I'm not completely averse to doing it - but I have done it in the past and I figured it's worth explaining that given the relatively small profit margin that exists for my websites, its tough for me to commission other artists to create material for the website.  Not impossible, but tough.
Stone3D Muscle Girl

Stone3D FMG Sequence

I wrote a post a while back about the economics of running my websites .  Looking at what I've been getting lately per month - I make about 350 dollars or so per month.  Not retiring on that any time soon certainly :)  But its a nice little augmentation to my day job income

Now when commissions of third party artists come into the picture, they eat up a substantial chunk of that 350 dollars.  And that's what makes it hard.  I think what I can do is save up a certain budget for commissions and try to pay for one every few months .  But given the income level of the site I just can't do it very often 

Stone3D Muscle Girl

I don't know how other sites manage to do this more often.  Maybe they just have a far larger base of members and also they charge more for their site.

Take a site like Amy's Conquest .  From what I can tell, that site is purely driven via artwork etc that the site owner commissions from other people.  I myself have created some content for that site in the past. 
Now its true that there is some very impressive drawn art on that site.  The monthly fee for that site as of this writing is 19.99 per month.  There must be an impressive member base though to keep that website afloat.  Because commissioning all that artwork that fills up the site is not cheap.

Another example is Bad Girls Art .  Again, I believe that site is filled with content purely commissioned by the site owner.  Well, except for the text in the comics. I think the owner commissions artists to do the artwork, then he writes the dialogue in the comics .  I absolutely love some of the artwork on the website.  That combination of big muscles and humongous tits.  But I'm sure it doesn't

Loernor Muscle Girl
Stone3D Boob Girl
Stone3D Muscle Girl

 come cheap to commission.  And again, the site is charging more than I am.  24 USD per month. 

Also I noticed that badgirlsart forked off a separate site where they move older material.  So they only keep a subset of the newest stuff on - if you want access to the archived older material, you have to sign up for a completely separate site  Maybe doing that generates enough income for the site owner to be able to afford commissions.

Now contrast those two examples of sites with purely commissioned content with something like Tigersan's Fem Power Xtreme.  Tigersan is the sole content creator there.  He doesn't have to commission anybody.  So he saves a lot of money by just creating the stuff himself.  I'm in a similar situation.  Well, I should clarify.  I'm nowhere near as talented as Tigersan is at creating sculpted custom muscle women and exquisite renders.  He is a real virtuoso at all of that.  But where we are similar is that we create the content for our own sites.

In my case, unlike Tigersan, I have commissioned SOME artwork in the past.  It's probably worth discussing that


So my primary go to guy in the past for commissions has been Stone 3D.  And if I start commissioning content for the site again, he's the first person I'll definitely contact.  As a side note, if you want to commission him for anything, check out his deviant art page at

Stone has created several fantastic comics for my website.  And at a very reasonable price.  However, given the slim profit margin I described above, I haven't been able to come up with money to commission him for anything recently.

It's certainly not his fault.  He never overcharges me and has incredibly reasonable rates.  Its on my end of things - I end up using the modest profits from the site to do a few things.  Some of it is investing in software and tools/models I use for content.  Some of it is just paying my monthly bills...

But at the end of the day, I just haven't had a lot of cash lately to spend on commissions.  Given that I've had requests specifically for more stuff from Stone, I plan to try to carve out some piece of the budget to commission him soon.  But its not easy for me given where the finances are

Now Stone has been by far the most prolific commissioned creator of content for in the past.  But I have occasionally turned to other artists/creators.

I've commissioned Saxxon before to create some line art.  He's very talented, but I found that given my budget I could afford like 5 line drawings in a month.  That's it.  I ended up kind of putting them into one of my comics.  But it just wasn't enough content for the site for me to justify to myself being able to pay for it in the future.

Femfortefan is another artist I've commissioned, and like Saxxon, he's very talented.  But again, I was finding I could afford like 6 drawings in a month. 

I commissioned a few other artists too, but in the end I decided Stone3D made the most sense for amount of content created per dollar spent.  He does fantastic stuff too.  I know that he was cutting me a bit of a break on his rates, and in return I've tried to promote his stuff and his deviant art page on my site.

I may commission him again in the near future but like I said I'll need to save up to do that

What's Going On in May


I just finished and posted a new breast implants related comic to .  This one took me a lot longer to finish than I had wanted.  The main culprit was computer issues.

I've explained before that I have a quadcore machine running Windows XP 32 bit that I've owned for several years now and also a newer Alienware six core pc running Windows 7 64 bit.  I have tons of Daz Studio content, models etc on the quadcore.  My workflow for creating animations and comics is totally set up on that machine.  So I have still been using it to create a lot of the content for my two websites.

I've been slowly migrating my workflow and tools over to the newer more powerful machine .  But an incident that happened during these past two weeks have givenme a strong shove toward the new computer.


I started working on the breast implants related comic a couple weeks back on the quadcore.  On that machine, I often use lower resolution models because it struggles with raytracing renders when you give it models with high polygon counts.  So for this outing I thought ok instead of using Victoria 4 - the relatively hi res model I usually use for animations and comics - I'll instead use a couple of lo res models.

A lo res police officer woman model for one character in the comic and Victoria 3 - lower res than Vicky 4 - for the main character.  The renders seemed to be going relatively quickly, but of course at the expense of detail.  Those two models look a bit more polygonal/lower res.  (If you read the latest comic - Big Fak Boob Star - you may notice this a bit).

But I figured ok going with those lower res models will speed up content creation this month using the quadcore and I needed to get the comic finished

I started to get the dreaded blue screen of death while working on the comic.  At first I thought it was just the rendering that was doing it.  But then randomly I'd get it while doing other things.  I came to realize after several days of intermittent crashes - losing lots of work along the way - that something's up with my quad core.

I started the lengthy investigation process - which burns precious time - but a bit into that I decided screw it, I need to get a comic out.  So I switched the creation of the comic to the six core pc.

That took a while.  Once I'd set things up on the six core pc for the comic, things went quickly.  But it definitely wasted days getting things all moved over for the comic.

After this experience, I think I'm going to have to start using the six core machine much more - maybe exclusively.  I want to debug what the hell is going on with the older machine.  But that takes time.

This blew a hole in the middle of the month of May where I wasn't able to creat content for my two websites.  So now I have to play catch up at the end of May and get cranking.

Here's the order of things that I'm going to do in the short term.

1. New BEGiantess Comic.  I have to do this next.  Hopefully will only take a few days. I got a request from a member to do a gentle giantess story.  That resonates with me because I've been doing dominant story after dominant story for BEGiantess and it's high time I did some gentler stuff for that website.

2. FMG Comic for Strong and Stacked.  Gotta do this as number 2. And do it before the end of May

3. BE Comic for Strong and Stacked.  I'm inclined to do a second installment of Big Fake Boob Star.  I've got the workflow all set up so it won't take long to do more material for that comic .

So that's what's going on

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Working on BE Implants comic

I've been working on a breast expansion comic involving breast implants.  It's been a bit slow going for me to make progress on it, but I should be able to get it done within a couple of days.

The inspiration for the comic - at least for the start of the story - came from the huge boobed police officer Callahan from the Police Academy movies.

In the movies she's played by Leslie Easterbrook and there are some scenes where her tits look absolutely humongous.

I was never really a fan of the movies themselves, but back in the day I remember renting them, videocapping them, and then editing out everything except for the Callahan scenes that showcased those huge tits

The comic I'm working on has a story line that goes like this.  There's a young aspiring actress named Samantha who is having a hard time getting acting gigs.  She goes to a lot of auditions but just can't land roles.

Samantha manages to land a small role in the b movie Policy Recruits 8, and has one scene with a character who is similar to Callahan in Police Academy.  That character is played by a woman named Traci Thomas.

Samantha asks Traci for career advice and gets a very clear message.  You want acting gigs? Get a huge pair of fake tits like mine!

Samantha's off to the plastic surgeon and things go from there  

The comic focuses more on Samantha than on the police academy inspired character, but when I started on the comic that was the inspiration.

Should be finished with it soon. As usual struggling to carve out time to work on it giving all the other stuff going on with my day job etc

But should finish it before the weekend so keep an eye out for it
Large and in Charge!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Working on Buns and Boobs Giantess Comic

 It has been a long time - like a month - since I updated - so I need to post something there as soon as possible.

Right now I'm working on the latest issue of the Buns and Boobs Giantess comic series.  The genesis for this comic series was that I'd been playing with some huge butt morphs and giant boobs for some comics I'd done on both and for my site.

I wanted to have a Giantess woman have those attributes: both gigantic tits AND a huge bubble butt.  That's how I started out.  Once I created her look, I figured out a storyline.  I've done the occasional "gentle giantess" story - and maybe I need to get back to doing more of those.  But lately I've been doing a lot of "dominant giantess" comics.  And this one definitely falls into that category.
I'm shooting for getting this comic up on by the end of the day.  I've been working on it for a few days now.  A few panels and images from the comic are here.

Once this is in the bag I'm not sure what I'm going to work on next. I know there was a request for another implants related BE comic for  I also haven't done an animation in a while.  So I'll figure out something.