Saturday, April 26, 2014

New DeviantArt Comic: Big Buns, Big Bazooms

I realized that it had been a long time since I'd posted anything on my deviant art account .  My first thought was to do some sort of animation.  But then I decided I was going to go ahead and make a new comic. I created a new Breast Expansion/Butt Expansion comic.

 I'd done some implants related expansion stuff recently, so this time I decided to go with a mechanism other than that for the expansion.  The basic story line is that there's an Asian girl named Stephanie who is sort of jealous of the bigger boobs and butt of her friend Shanice

Shanice is a black girl who works at the same hair salon as Stephanie, and her big boobs and butt translate into tons of guys asking her for hair cuts, while hardly anyone asks Stephanie.

Stephanie decides she really wants bigger boobs and a bubble butt like Shanice has, and the comic is all about how she goes about getting those and the aftermath.

It's not a super long comic - 10 pages or so.  My plan is to continue the story - possibly make a longer version and post it on my site soon.  And I may have smaller sequel installments on deviant art too.

Mainly wanted to put something new out on my deviantart account because it had been a while so this is what I came up with

As far as progress on other things I'm working on - it always seems like there aren't enough hours in the day.  I'll need to post something new to and soon .  But for today, I've finished this comic and posted it on my deviant art account

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mai Lin's Muscles Issue 02 FMG Comic Posted

I've been making slow but steady progress on comics for my websites these past couple of months.

Today I posted a new FMG comic to  This comic is the second issue of Mai Lin's Muscles.

When I create muscle women comics they typically involve women who are dominant. Sometimes even cruel. They often use their superior strength to dominate men.

I have made comics where the super muscled women is more of a superheroine who won't go around beating up just any men - but rather focuses on villians. And even then, will pull her punches -- Ms. Muscles is one of those types of characters

But its more often the case that I've made super muscled women just be very dominant, arguably somewhat evil. They revel in their superior strength, and use it to force men to do whatever they want.

Mai Lin started off as a character in that mold.  In the first issue she was a super muscled assassin who was the brawn of a two person criminal team. The brains of the operation with another Chinese woman named Xin Chen.  And in the first comic, it was largely Xin Chen who spoke and gave orders, and Mai Lin merely beat up men (and enjoyed doing it) but we didn't get a lot of insight into what she was thinking or what her motivations were.

In this second issue, I decided to try to explore why Mai Lin enjoyed dominating men.  Sure there's the rush and thrill she experiences just from having an incredibly muscled body, and being able to use it.  But I wanted to dig a bit deeper than just that.

So I came up with a backstory for her that I explored in this second issue.  She was raped as a younger woman by a Chinese male crimelord.  And she was essentially his personal sex slave. When she couldn't bear that any more, she attempted to drown herself in a river that happened to be polluted with certain chemicals and toxins that ended up interacting with her own body to give her super strength and sculpt her into an incredibly muscled super woman with giant tits and a huge ass

I decided to play around a bit with her attitude.  In this second issue she's still tough, still enjoys beating up men, *but* she thaws a bit and displays some feelings when another man expresses affection for her

I'm trying to strike a balance with her where she's still got one side that wants to dominate men, but she'll also have a softer side.

We'll see how that goes going forward, but that's what I was shooting for in this second issue.

It's available at