Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Posting Bod Squad FMG Comic Today

Just finished an FMG/muscle girl comic named The Bod Squad .  I'm posting it to today.  Took me a while to finish it. As usual, swamped with stuff from my day job and real life.

Just today as I was posting this new comic to strong and stacked I realized that a link was broken on the site for my previous update.  Damn it.  Hadn't realized that until now but it's been fixed.

I'm going out of town for the holidays from December 22 through December 30. So I am going to really try hard to finish an update for begiantess before I go out of town

During the break I'm going to do some soul searching about what I want to do with my websites given that its been increasingly hard to find time to update them

As I said in a previous blog post there are several options there.  Continue on with slow pace of updates, somehow try to pick up the pace, just throw in the towel and stop updating...

My default plan is to soldier on and continue updating the sites, at the current relatively slow pace.  But I'm going to do a lot of thinking about it over the holiday

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another Magic Boobs Comic Today, Muscle Stuff Soon

 My plan was originally to make my very next comic be a giantess one that I posted to

As usual, I got busy with real life/day job stuff, and then when I had a bit of time to work on my sites, an idea popped into my head for another installment of the Magic Boobies saga.

So I decided to roll with that idea.  I'll be posting the newest Magic Boobies comic today.  The basic idea is that there is an evil Tit Witch with boobs nearly as big as cars, and she's going to make things difficult for our heroine.

There are plusses and minuses to posting this comic today.  On the plus side, I had this idea, inspiration struck, and I got it done.  Fans of the Magic Boobies saga will be pleased.

On the minus side, I now am very behind on updating  And also amazon/muscle fans of strongandstacked may be unhappy because this means there have been two BE comics in a row, and I'm overdue for an FMG comic.  Additionally, even for BE fans, they may be getting tired of the Magic Boobies saga and may want to move on to something else.

So as I finish this comic and post it today, I feel a lot of pressure to get an FMG comic up on quick, and a giantess comic up on quick.  And I will endeavor to do that as quick as I can.

But it's making me start to think about the future of the two sites.  I've blogged before about the constant grinding pressure any website runner/content creator faces.  I find more and more that its hard to spend a lot of time creating content for my sites.  Real life often intrudes - demands of my day job and other things that are going on.

So I do find myself faced with a choice:
- Continue with the somewhat tepid pace of updates on the sites
- Somehow pick up the pace of updates on the sites (hard to see that happening given everything else going on with me)
- Dial the already slow pace of updates back even further
- Throw in the towel and just have the sites be static / not updated

That's what I'm mulling over.  My default choice is the first one.  We'll see.

At any rate, the latest Magic Boobies comic is going up today and there will be an FMG comic up shortly after (as well as a giantess comic on Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Posted new Magic Boobies Buns and Boobs Comic to Strong And Stacked Today

I just uploaded the fourth issue of Magic Boobies to today.  I'd been working on this one for a while.  Was trying to decide where to go with the plot, and ended up making the general theme being that Jenny is headed toward a darker path if she doesn't stop using her big new boobs and buns to control every man she meets.  Sarah on the other hand is trying to walk along a path of goodness, and has to figure out how (and if) she can pull Jenny back from the brink.

While that's kind of the overall background theme, the reality is its fairly light stuff with a lot of showcasing of the girls' giant magical tits and bubble butts.

I'll be working on an update for next

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Posting Helga Comic to Strong and Stacked Now

I just finished the Helga comic and am posting it to now

As usual, things end up taking longer than expected.  It's true in my day job (software development) and its true in creating content for my websites

In this case I'd decided to try a departure from my standard model (Victoria 4 from daz3d) so that I could try a new model : Dawn from HiveWire3D

Whenever I start out with a new model, there are a lot of upfront costs to be paid.  First there is the literal upfront cost (in dollars) of buying the model and buying some clothes/poses etc .  After that, there's the matter of applying poses and morphs to try and get her pumped up into a muscular super boobed beauty.  Once that's accomplished, its time to try to cook up a comic with her and get used to posing her, moving her and so on

I had to contend with all of that.  The good news is that now I'm over the learning curve of using Dawn and for the future if I try using her for either big muscles or big boobs comics, I'll be ready to go with her .  And I have a modest collection of poses/morphs/clothes for her now so I can start using her in comics

But because I decided to start using her, this particular update for took longer than usual to get out.

One thing that's a bit different about this comic from most of the muscle girl comics I've created is that there's no FMG in this.  Helga's just a big girl from the word go.  No  muscle growth

It's finally done today.  Helga the Bar Room Brawler has just been posted

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Making Progress on Helga Comic

Making slow but steady progress on the Helga muscle comic.  The arc of comic creation usually goes something like this for me.

Stage 0: Come up with a rough story idea. This takes a day

Stage 1: cobble together all the models/sets etc for the main scene in the comic and get that all set up.  This often takes a couple of days

Stage 2: Start cranking out frames

I'm well into stage 2 for this comic.  I will finish it as soon as I can.  The basic storyline is that there's a bar where there are fist fights on Friday nights.  People can bet on the fights and the fighters are just whoever wants to come and fight

One night this woman Helga walks into the bar with huge muscles and boobs and wants to to participate in the fights

Will be posting this comic to as soon as I finish it

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Working on a new Muscle Comic: Helga

Most of the comics and animations I make are done using a model from daz3d named Victoria 4

There's a fairly new model from HiveWire3D named Dawn that came out recently . I bought Dawn a month or so back, but haven't made any comics with her yet.

For the next comic I post on strongandstacked, I'd initially thought I'd just post a continuation issue of the Queen Cyborgia comic

But I've been wanting to try out Dawn and so I'm going to do a comic using her.  You can see in the picture here that when I pump up the Dawn model with huge tits and large muscles, she does look formidable.  Unfortunately I'm not set up to give her a hyper muscled look.  The muscle morphs I bought for her are maxed out in the photo you see here

Over time I'll try to pump up her muscles more, but for now this is the level I can get to .  My plan is to use this Dawn model in the comic I'm working on right now for Strong and Stacked.  She's going to be a muscle girl named Helga

Sofia Vergara's Literal Bullet Bra

 Back in the late 1990s, I remember watching a show called Fuera de Serie. I can't speak Spanish at all so I couldn't really understand what was being said in the show.

But it really didn't matter because the main reason for watching the show was to see Sofia Vergara's huge tits

Fast forward to 2013 and Sofia's in a new movie called Machete Kills.  She's still got the tits, but now she's sporting what she calls "My Double Ds".  Literally a "bullet bra" that has two machine guns mounted on it

Rock on, Sofia!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gentle Giantess Issue 04

I just posted the fourth issue of Gentle Giantess to .  It took me a long time to finish this one for a few reasons.

First off, my day job has continued to use up a lot of my time.  Secondly, I tried doing some scenes with lots of guys in them for this comic.

I'd wanted to try that for a while - having a bunch of men climbing on a giantess.  It turns out it takes a long time to pose all those figures

I want to try this again and do more camera angles - more closeups, more erotic stuff.  This time out I wanted to just get several scenes with lots of men crowding around the giantess

As far as the story goes, I basically had Carolyn at the mercy of all these men and had her confused about how she felt. The sensuality of her new giantess body and huge boobs is overwhelming to her when she's stimulated erotically

I'm not sure if the story all came together cohesively the way I'd wanted it to.  But in doing this one benefit is that I now know how to get lots of figures into the scene.  I'll try and do that more and more often in giantess comics I make

As far as the next giantess comic on the horizon, I'll either do another Gentle Giantess issue or revisit one of the earlier comic series - haven't decided yet.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Posted Magic Boobies Issue 03 Today

 I uploaded the third issue of Magic Boobies to today.

For much of the month of September, my day job was taking a lot of time.  Things have thankfully slowed up a bit so that I can spend more time on and

For this Magic Boobies comic, I wanted to focus on Sarah and introduce a new character - a talking cat named Shadow . 

If people like the Magic Boobies saga, I'll keep going with it. I do have a lot of ideas about where the direction of the story can go

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Posting new Queen Cyborgia Muscle Women Comic today

It has been utterly ridiculous at my day job for the past three weeks or so.  I have been doing pretty much nothing but working.  I haven't been able to find time to work on my sites. At all.  And I've been exhausted.

That finally got a bit better a few days ago.  And so I was able to return to some work for strongandstacked and finished issue 2 of Queen Cyborgia.

I'll put a couple of images here so you can see a preview of the comic issue.

I decided to give Cyborgia more than just muscle power.  Sure she's strong.  But she's also got a few other tricks up her cybernetic sleeves .  One thing she can do is extend steel tubes from her nipples and use them to force feed a nano fluid into her victim's mouth.  The fluid carries nano bots that seek out the cock and enlarge it greatly and harden it to the strength of steel.  This way she can bring her super muscled pussy to bear on the cock with all it's fearsome might and get the pleasure that she so craves

The other character in the story is Sheila - a girl who is good and who is trying to fight against Cyborgia. This time out I gave her a love interest - a fellow grad student who's just wowed by her muscles and boobs

Now that things have finally slowed down a bit at my day job I should be able to crank out some more stuff over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned .

Friday, September 6, 2013

Finished New Comic for

I've been really, really slow at updating lately.  Its just been hard to do given a bunch of stuff I've been busy with in my day job .  I think what I'll need to do is update begiantess again within about a week because it needs some attention - the updates have been too infrequent.

I just uploaded the latest issue in the Gentle Giantess series.  I'd gotten a set on sale from recently that featured a kind of futuristic strip joint exterior and I was able to use that in this comic.

Will be working on another one very soon. I guess I'll keep rolling with Gentle Giantess for the next one. I'd done a lot of dominant giantess comics for a long time, so maybe its good to have a long run of more gentle stuff - we'll see

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Working on New Comic for

Super Nipples!
It's way past time for me to post new material to and so I'm trying to play catch up there.  I'm working on a new issue of Gentle Giantess right now and hope to have it posted by tomorrow.

After that, I'm going to work on an animation and another comic for

One of the things I've decided to do with the gentle giantess character is make her have nipples that can occasionally extend greatly in length.  Sometimes when she's aroused they'll pop out.  One main reason I decided to do that was simply because I could - the nipple morphs allow me to extend the length greatly

Busty Belle shows off her long fake nipples
Another reason is because I just do find them kind of intriguing.  I remember watching a video with Busty Belle way back in the day - in the videotape era of the 1990s - where she had some huge long fake nipple prosthetics on .  I found that kind of fascinating. It's very hard to find that video now

Anyway working on the gentle giantess comic right now, will post it to soon.

Another one of Busty Belle and her super nips

Sunday, August 25, 2013

BE and Butt Expansion Comic Posted to

The comic I've been blogging about for the last couple of posts is now finished and I created an accompanying animation to go with it too.  The comic and animation are available at

We'll have to see how the comic is received and whether people like it, but I really enjoyed working on it. I'd like to do several more issues featuring the adventures of Sarah the newbie witch with beachball boobs and a bubble butt, and her similarly spectacularly proportioned friend Jenny.

There are a lot of directions I can take this comic series where Sarah slowly learns how to better use magic and Jenny's mischevious nature gets the two busty bubble butted beauties into some tight situations

The animation I created shows Jenny strutting her huge tits and bubble butt down the street while a bunch of guys stare at her

Now that this is finished, I really need to get cracking on a comic for  Hoping to have that done by mid week but right now I can't do anything else other than some work I need to do for my day job for a couple of days

Still dream of the day when I could dump that job and just work on fun things like this comic!!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Still Working on BE and Butt Ex Comic

  As mentioned in my previous post, I'm working on a BE and Butt Expansion comic.  Just sharing another animated gif and a few still images and an animation file that shows one of the characters who is in the comic.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Working on BE and ButtEx Comic


I'd planned to create a comic for next, but I just really wanted to work on a comic involving huge boobs and big butts in tight jeans so I'm creating one now for

It's actually the next issue of the magic spellcasting related BE comic I did recently where a woman receives a spell book from her recently passed away aunt and uses it to give herself gigantic tits and a nice ass

For the second issue of this comic, the woman with the giant magical tits is in it, but she's also got a friend who she pumps up with magic to have boobs almost as big as she does, and a butt that is gigantic.

I'm putting a couple of images of her friend here.  Just really felt like working on this now so I'm doing it.

As soon as its finished - which should be within the next couple of days, I'm going to get back to working on giantess stuff

Monday, August 19, 2013


Took me longer than expected.  I ended up taking some images from an FMG animation I just created (see the blog post prior to this one) and then I created new images to add to those.

The images from the FMG animation became the depiction of the heroine of this comic.  The new images I created were for her nemesis - a new supervillainess named Queen Cyborgia.

Cyborgia has achived super strength through the application of cyborg technology.  She's turned herself into a fusion of woman and machine.

My inspiration for Cyborgia came from a product I just bought at  The Sexy Circuits product was on sale recently and I grabbed it, figuring I could use it in a comic or an animation.

So I've posted both the FMG animation mentioned in my last blog post and this new Queen Cyborgia comic to today

As far as what's coming next, I need to do an update for

Lately I've been really, really swamped at work.  And I've got a bunch of other stuff going on in "real life".  It has made me take stock of what I want to do with and going forward.

Part of me really thinks I should just stop - this stuff takes a lot of time and if you've read my previous blog posts, I'm not getting rich off doing this.  But I'm not at that point yet.  I need to give it some thought though.  Because there are only so many hours in the day and I've got a lot of stuff going on now from work and other things too.

For now I'll keep going but it's something I'm going to really give a lot of thought to over the next few months

Monday, August 12, 2013


The pace of updates on strongandstacked has been slow this month.  I've been busy with "real life" and my day job and so things have slowed down a bit on the site.

But I'm getting very close to posting something on the site and it should be ready within a day or two.  Here's what's coming.

First up is an FMG animation.  I'll be posting this to  It's been a long while since I posted any animations there - although I've posted a few to deviantart recently.  So I figured it was a good time to do an animation

One problem with animations is that they take a long time to set up, they take a long time to render, and sometimes its only after you've burned a lot of time on them that you figure out whether the motion looks good or not.

The current computer I use to create animations is a six core cpu Windows 7 machine - its an Alienware gaming rig and when it is rendering all of its fans kick into high gear and it sounds like a jet plane getting ready to take off.

Needless to say, the sound of that going full blast for a full 18 hours or so - which is what it takes to render these animations - isn't the greatest when you want to watch tv or even have a conversation

So I think animations are going to be kind of rare for me these days.  I'll do them occasionally, but they are a big endeavor and they have that fantastic jet engine noise as a side effect from the computer.

The animation should be finished by tomorrow and I'll be posting it at strongandstacked when it is finished.  I'm going to leverage the animation to write a comic and that should be done a couple days after the animation - I'll be using lots of frames from the animation plus some additional frames to cobble together an fmg comic

After that, I plan to pivot back away from animations and concentrate full on to comics again for a while, with a begiantess one being the one that will be up after this fmg comic is completed.


 I have been really, really busy at my day job lately.  Just lots and lots of stuff to do and it has been hard to carve out time for working on the websites.

Have had to bring work home and work on it at night an that kind of blows away time for work on the websites.  That load should be lightening soon and then I'll have more time to work on the sites.

In addition to all the work stuff, I also took a mini-vacation this past weekend, when I attended the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas.  I ended up getting an autograph from Adrienne Barbeau.

She was there because she'd played some small part as a guest star in Deep Space Nine .  She's getting on in years but she's still got those huge tits and was proudly displaying her cleavage with a plunging neckline dress .  I talked to her for a bit about the shows she'd been on and got her to autograph a cast photo from the show Carnivale

The only other boob related experience I had at the convention was seeing a woman dressed in a Klingon outfit with absolutely humungous tits.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture!

Ok back to work on the animation - will update strongandstacked tomorrow with that and then with an fmg comic soon after .

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Working on BE Animation for DeviantArt


I haven't posted on this blog for a while.  Here's what's been going on.  I managed to post a new giantess comic to .  My pace there is about one comic per month right now.  A lot slower than I'd like.  But I'll try to keep plugging along and see if I can update there more frequently.  One shift there for me has been to start focusing more on gentle giantess stories. I have lots of dominant giantess stories and comics on the site, so given that there were requests for gentler stuff I've tilted that way for the time being

I realized recently that I hadn't posted an animation to deviant art in a very long time.  So I'm working on one right now.  More details on that below

On the strongandstacked front, I'm hoping to kill two birds with one stone by leveraging the deviant art animation to make a comic for strong and stacked.  I should be able to take a bunch of selected still images from the animation, add some more renders to them, and make that into a comic.  At least that's my plan, because it seems like a reasonably speedy way for me to get an update out for strong and stacked without having to start work on a brand new comic from scratch and have any hope of updating in the next few days


The animation I'm working on right now involves a modern day witch who casts a Breast Expansion and Butt Expansion spell on herself.  She's a newbie witch, and this is the first time she's attempted using magic like this .

I wanted to use some dynamic clothing that stretched as her tits grew.  My first attempt at that didn't work so well - more below on that.  But my second attempt worked ok

The flow of the animation is that first there's growth with a top on that stretches, then there's a magic flash and the shirt vanishes, then there's topless growth.  Reason for that is that I'm not great at getting the dynamic clothes to look like they are ripping.  As far as the little narrative in the animation goes, the vanishing shirt is explained by the witch casting a spell to do that.

The butt expansion is a minor part of the animation - its mostly breast expansion.

My computer is churning out frames as I write this - it sounds like a jet engine with the fan pegged to max while it does the raytracing.  For an animation like this, it's going to take a sum total of maybe 20 hours or so of the computer just churning out frames.


I first tried having the witch wear a half tshirt.  When I ran the cloth simulation, it looked like the shirt sort of ripped and crumpled up and ended up on her head.  Yeah, a crumpled up cloth hat.  Exactly what I was going for. Not.

After this attempt, I switched to using a different top and things worked out ok


When working on this animation, I realized that my library of mocap data - pre captured motions that I use to make characters move - hasn't been updated in a while.  It's really hard to find new good mocap data.  I'm still trying to find a lot more of that

For a while I entertained the idea of making my own mocap stuff.  You can use fairly cheap or even free software packages that work with the Kinect for example.  But the problems I ran into when I tried that were that the motion capture does work, but it often requires manual cleanup.  I just didn't have the time to do that.

Carnegie Mellon University released a massive load of free motion capture data a few years back.  This week I tried using some of that, but it still had some issues when I tried to apply it to Victoria 4 (the model I usually use for my animations).  Things like her arms going through her body or other various problems

There's a site that does sell mocap animations that work with Victoria 4, but they are so expensive. At least for my limited budget

So I'll have to continue to keep an eye out for new mocap data or else figure out a way to hand animate that doesn't take me a long time


This animation should be done hopefully within a day or two, and a comic based on it will be ready for strong and stacked within a day or two after that.