Sunday, February 23, 2014

Silicone Dream Queen BE and ButtEx Comic has been posted

 I just posted a new Breast Expansion / Butt Expansion comic named Silicone Dream Queen to

This is the comic I'd mentioned I was working on in my last blog post .  I used ZBrush to make some slight modifications to the model's tits, and a fair amount of sculpting of her ass

The basic storyline of this comic involves a girl who initially got some fairly modest sized breast and butt implants at the urging of her "manager" who claimed she'd get more amateur acting gigs after doing that

When she finds its actually an impediment to have bigger boobs and buns for mainstream acting, and she realizes she's short on cash, she's forced to start stripping at a local strip club.

It's there that she meets Mike, a big fake boob and buns fanatic who offers to pay off her existing debts and give her some spending money *if* she'll agree to another augmentation.

Mike realizes her skin is soft, supple and pliable enough to hold out the promise of being able to handle GINORMOUS boob and butt implants.

As the story progresses, the power dynamic shifts and the girl becomes more and more confident as she gets bigger and bigger and bigger...

My plan is to continue to use zbrush to try to break out of the limitations of the stock daz/poser models and morphs to create truly epic sized tits, asses, and muscles (depending on the comic I'm working on...)

It'll be a learning process but if I keep at it I think I'll continue to improve.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Working on new Implants Expansion Comic

I'm working on a new breast implants/butt implants expansion comic. I used Zbrush to do some extra enhancement of her ass size.  I'm attaching some pictures, animated gifs, and a flyaround animation to this post so you can see what the main character looks like at her largest size.

During the course of the story in the comic, she starts out much, much smaller than this.  And has a series of breast and butt augmentation sessions that put her on the path to the size you see here.

Hopefully I'll have the comic finished over the next couple of days. It'll show up on strongandstacked when its done

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mai Lin's Muscles Comic - first attempt at using Zbrush

 I just posted a new muscle girl comic to today: Mai Lin's Muscles.

The inspiration for this comic really came from a long standing admiration I've had for some of Loenror's work, specifically a drawing he did of his character Muscle Gal Ayumi:

From the moment I saw that drawing I fantasized of some hulking bodyguard/assassin who for some reason I felt would have the name Mai Lin.  She'd be part Elektra Assassin, part Hulk, all woman.

The Mai Lin's Muscles comic I just wrote came out of that fantasy.  I used this as an opportunity to give Zbrush a try as well.

One thing I've never been thrilled with is how Victoria 4's arms look (she's a stock model from when you try to make them muscular. They can end up looking like chicken wings.

I spent a week (maybe more than that) struggling with zbrush and sculptris (had one previous post about that).  The learning curve is steep. And there are masters of it that I'm in awe of who are just so, so far beyond what I will probably ever be able to do with it (Tigersan is one example )

But I'm determined to at least get to a level of expertise with it where I can pump up some muscles and boobs on the stock models in a way that will look pretty good.

With the Mai Lin character, I went ahead and cranked up her arms.  It's my first attempt at using Zbrush to alter the mesh of a character, but I feel like it was at least a start.

Mai Lin's arms don't look like chicken wings!

So I was happy about that.

The cost of my foray into learning zbrush is that I have been slow to update my sites this month.

Now that I've gotten some proficiency under my belt I plan to pick up the pace a bit with cranking out content, and will use Zbrush a bit while I'm doing it