Monday, August 19, 2013


Took me longer than expected.  I ended up taking some images from an FMG animation I just created (see the blog post prior to this one) and then I created new images to add to those.

The images from the FMG animation became the depiction of the heroine of this comic.  The new images I created were for her nemesis - a new supervillainess named Queen Cyborgia.

Cyborgia has achived super strength through the application of cyborg technology.  She's turned herself into a fusion of woman and machine.

My inspiration for Cyborgia came from a product I just bought at  The Sexy Circuits product was on sale recently and I grabbed it, figuring I could use it in a comic or an animation.

So I've posted both the FMG animation mentioned in my last blog post and this new Queen Cyborgia comic to today

As far as what's coming next, I need to do an update for

Lately I've been really, really swamped at work.  And I've got a bunch of other stuff going on in "real life".  It has made me take stock of what I want to do with and going forward.

Part of me really thinks I should just stop - this stuff takes a lot of time and if you've read my previous blog posts, I'm not getting rich off doing this.  But I'm not at that point yet.  I need to give it some thought though.  Because there are only so many hours in the day and I've got a lot of stuff going on now from work and other things too.

For now I'll keep going but it's something I'm going to really give a lot of thought to over the next few months

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