Monday, May 26, 2014

Big Buns, Big Bazooms Expanded Edition

I created a comic for my deviant art page named Big Buns, Big Bazooms a while back.  I decided to spend some time this week writing a second issue of that comic, and posted that to my deviant art page too.

Since I'd sunk some time into doing that, I thought about how I might reuse the material on my strongandstacked site .  So what I ended up doing was combining both of the deviant art comic issues together into one longer comic, adding some more risque/explicit material to it that wasn't allowed on deviant art, and then also folded in the original raw images for all the comic pages.  I wrapped that all up into a single longer comic and posted it on Strong and Stacked today.

I need to update my begiantess site - it's been too long - so that's what's up next for me. And after that, an FMG / muscle comic for Strong and Stacked  . 

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