Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wrapping up work on my Websites - Not Enough Time To Do This Any More

I've just posted a B.E. comic called Dairy Goddess to strongandstacked.com.  It took me a very long time to finish that comic - and the reason was that my day job has gotten more and more demanding to the point where I don't have enough time to spend updating my websites any more.

I'd wanted to keep creating content - even at a slower pace - but working on this latest comic made me realize I just can't do that.  I simply don't have enough time. I didn't want to believe that was the case - but the very slow progress I made on this latest comic made it very clear that I just don't have the time to do this any more

I enjoy creating content and its been great working on strongandstacked and begiantess.  And on my deviant art page too.  But there are times in life when you have a lot of time for those things, and other times when the pressures and demands that come with a day job simply overwhelm everything else.   That's where I'm unfortunately at right now.

Next steps for me are to post one more FMG comic to strongandstacked.com and then one more Giantess comic to begiantess.com. And then that's it.  I'll unfortuantely have to call it quits on updating the sites after that. I'm going to talk to the webhosting admin to see about putting strongandstacked.com and begiantess.com into a "parked" state (like amazonix.com).

That way they'll still be there but won't be updated with content.  I'll make clear in text on the site that there aren't updates

It's a sad day for me, but it's time I made the decision to stop updating the sites and communicated that out.

Thanks,  Greycat


  1. About a year or two ago I used to be a member. I really enjoyed how you listened to fan/member ideas and even implemented a few! Most expansion sites post whatever and force you buy it assuming you have no care about the theme or setting as long as it's fetish-y. But you asked, the fans answered and I want to thank you for doing so! It's a shame to see you go but you gave us some cool ideas and really showed your love of huge boobs. I hope whatever awaits in your future is just as nice as the comics you created for us!

  2. Make new comic BE like BE fruit,Mermaid BE,Devil BE,Curse BE,BE absorb and more

  3. I have always enjoyed your work and it will be sad to see you go. I only have a couple of questions.

    1. If you do any new work, where will you post it?

    2. Since there will be no more updates will the site stay as a pay site or will your work become free?

    1. If I do new work, it will be posted on my deviant art page or here on my blog.

      The site will stay as a pay site but its mainly there for anyone who wants to pay the 10 bucks and just get the whole collection. I'll make clear on the site that its not being updated.

      The proceeds from any future memberships on the site will not go to me at all - the host of the site is dianathevalkyrie.com under the covers, and I've told them they can keep any money that comes in for the site (because they are going to keep it hosted) without giving me a cut.

      If I ever end up getting back into content creation in the future and have time to update the site regularly again, they've told me that they'll switch back to the arrangement I had before with them (basically they take half of any site membership fees, and I get half). But I have no idea if and when I'd have time to regularly update the site. So the responsible thing to me seemed to be to just park it for now, make explicit that I won't be updating it, let the hosting company (dianathevalkyrie.com) keep the small amount of income that the site generates for now.

      In the meantime I will create comics from time to time (on a very non regular basis - pretty infrequently) and I'll post those either on my deviantart page or here . In fact I'm going to post one today.


  4. That's too bad, you can't do full comics! Maybe, if you can, do one panel pictures instead. I know your fans, like me, would be okay with those. I don't know but me, and maybe other fans, would like to know how long it takes to do one frame, so if you do decide to do one-framers, when we could expect one.